08 / 02 / 2024

TRANSFIR PROJECT. Seeking the Best Aqueous Fire Protection

The purpose of the Transfir project is to develop a transparent water-based varnish for lignocellulosic materials (wood and derivatives) used in construction elements that meets the most demanding requirements for fire behavior set by current legislation, while also providing optimal properties for the end use.

With this project, the aim is to develop a water-based fire protection system that allows achieving the Euroclass B-s1,d0 level when applied to an untreated wood substrate.

To achieve this goal, intumescent fire-resistant coatings are intended to be developed, as intumescence generates a carbonaceous layer that acts as insulation, preventing substrate combustion.

The challenge lies in creating TRANSPARENT coatings that allow the aesthetic quality of the wood to be appreciated. In fact, this objective is increasingly demanded by the market.


“Action co-financed by the Basque Government and the EU through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (ERDF).”


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