Cutting-edge technology and research in high-performance paints and varnishes.

Advanced tech coatings


An entire R&D team composed of individuals with specific qualifications and a high level of expertise in each of our areas of development.

20 % of our staff is based in our laboratory to achieve the launch of innovative, groundbreaking, and personalized products that assist in providing the highest quality in your work. We work daily to be at the forefront of high-performance coatings innovation through constant research and development of new products capable of complying with environmental legislation (REACH, ECOLABEL, VOC emissions…)


A fire-retardant coating for every need

Irurena Group offers several IRUFIRE varnishing processes to protect wood, in order to ensure the maximum reaction to fire classification according to European Standard EN UNE 13501-1 and Spanish Standard UNE 23727.

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High-performance coatings with antimicrobial protection

ZEROBAC varnishes and paints are high-performance indoor coatings with excellent properties and protection against microorganisms. They can be applied on a range of substrates such as wood, plastic, glass, metals, etc.

Proven efficiency backed by tests according to Standard ISO 22196“Measuring antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces” for E.Coli and S. aureus bacteria and viruses such as SARS COV-2.

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Varnishes and paints for ship interiors

Paint systems for low flame spread coatings for the interior of ships and recreational vessels. IRUFIRE IMO complies with regulations for seagoing vessels according to SOLAS 74/88.

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Iki3D resins, high detail quality for 3D printing

100% compatible with SLA, LCD and DLP 3D printers. Fast drying and in a range of colours. Transparent, almost odourless and easy to handle, they allow pigment pastes to be added for coloured parts. Formulated by specialists in polymers and ultraviolet curing.

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We have at our disposal anticorrosive coating systems up to category C5A tested and validated by CIDETEC. Processes that provide a significant reduction in paint compared to that established by ISO 12944-6.

Get in touch, and our team will advise you on everything you need.

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A new Irurena Group business line based on the manufacture of curved fibreglass composite profiles using robotised pultrusion technology with LED curing.

A world-unique technology that was awarded the Toribio Echevarria prize for the best new company, granted by the Department for Economic Development, Employment and Innovation of Eibar City Council and Bic Gipuzkoa Berrilan

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