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A team devoted solely to offering global solutions for all types of surfaces.

High-performance varnishes

We are Irurena Group

At Irurena Group, we have a passion for wood and for assisting professionals working with it. We form a corporation dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for all types of surfaces.

We are a company founded in 1969 that provides comprehensive solutions in coatings for all types of surfaces. We develop, manufacture, and market varnishes and paints, operating internationally in over 25 countries. We have an R&D technical team that offers personalized solutions and tailors the product to meet customer needs. We have highly qualified experts in manufacturing top-quality varnishes for the most demanding professionals.

These are the brands that make up the Group:

Our brands

Prominent position in the domestic market for manufacturing and selling varnishes for industrial wood finishing.

Our products for Industry are used in a wide range of applications, such as painting chain parts, electrical distribution towers, containers, metal structures, tanks, metal shelves, shock absorbers, automotive parts, etc.


The products in the Decoration line have been developed to protect a range of surfaces, without forgetting the importance today of enhancing and respecting the environment.

Our history


Born with a mission

IRURENA was set up with the hope of making a dream come true. Entrepreneurs who, from the very outset, had a business vision and values that continue to endure today.


Growing step by step

The company consolidated its position on the market thanks to the quality of its products and its fully personalised service. As its level of innovation increased, the company moved to new facilities.


Spanning into new territories

With the same passion as in 1969, Irurena began to market its products in other countries where there was a need for wood coatings. One of the main countries was Portugal, where it set up its own production plant.


Con identidad propia

Renovation and evolution are principles that have always been present. This desire to take on new challenges led to the setting up of Industrias Químicas Irurena S.A.


Specialist quality

With OTADUY, the vision of being leading experts in coatings for wood became a reality. Professionals in the sector could see for themselves the extensive range of solutions we offered.



Market trends and the ongoing development of our products led to IKI COATINGS, part of IRURENA GROUP. A new look that reflects our long-standing expertise.


Global solutions

The acquisition of the OROPAL brand, founded in 1923, sees Irurena Group expand into the decorative paints sector, offering global solutions in coatings.


50 years of history

The reassurance of half a century as industry specialists in all types of wood coatings. 50 years of success, achieved thanks to the effort and dedication of an entire team pulling in the same direction.


Digital commitment and new identity

The global paradigm shift, together with our vision of constant renewal and adaptation, has led us to reaffirm the company’s long-standing commitment to digital. It is this commitment that brought our decision to renew our corporate image. IRURENA GROUP, ADVANCED TECH COATINGS. Making it clear that we manufacture cutting-edge, high-performance coatings.

KOLORE Tintometric System

Through KOLORE, we offer the colour you want in a wide range of products, ranging from decoration through to industry, on virtually any substrate (wood, metal, etc.).

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