27 / 01 / 2024

Thursday of Ecoefficiency – Ekosteguna: European Ecolabel. A key instrument in the European Green Deal market

We had the opportunity to participate as guest speakers by Ihobe, the Public Society of Environmental Management of the Basque Government, in collaboration with Aclima, the Basque Cluster of Environment, in the free online event of Thursday of Ecoefficiency – Ekosteguna: European Ecolabel. A key instrument in the European Green Deal market, to showcase our experience in the use of the Ecolabel.

But first of all, in case you’re not familiar with it, what is the EU Ecolabel?

What does EU Ecolabel mean?

The EU Ecolabel, or European Ecolabel, is the official European system for recognizing and identifying environmentally friendly products and services. It is a truthful, rigorous, and voluntary system that aims to promote products and services characterized by a lower environmental impact, thus contributing to an efficient use of resources and a high level of environmental protection.

Its goal is to provide an easy and direct way to identify a product and/or service that is environmentally responsible, backed by accurate, non-misleading, and scientifically based information. Created in 1992 (and therefore with almost 30 years of history), it is still not well-known or recognized by consumers.

After learning what the Ecolabel is, we can summarize it in a quote:

“Ecolabel is a seal that identifies products that exceed the quality standards of their category, respecting the environment and guaranteeing their behavior and durability.”

Together with Astigarraga Kit Line and A&B Innovative Solutions, Basque companies, along with Irurena Group, pioneers in the use of the Ecolabel, we had the opportunity to present its characteristics, show its benefits, and share our experience since we decided to opt for environmentally friendly products.

With events like these, the intention is, on the one hand, to encourage manufacturers to produce products with a lower environmental impact and inform companies and distributors about the benefits of selling products with the Ecolabel. And, on the other hand, to promote knowledge of the label among the public so that they are aware of and purchase products with the label that certifies the ecological management of the products.

What are the advantages of the Ecolabel?

There are many advantages of the Ecolabel; to name a few, we can say that:

  • It leads us to use fewer resources (energy, raw materials…).
  • Development of Premium products.
  • Better position against future challenges (regulations, contracts…)
  • Favors the defense and protection of nature thanks to the reduction of the environmental impact of products.
  • Marks a clear differentiation from products that cannot obtain the label.
  • Is valid throughout Europe.

In short, the use of the Ecolabel motivates us to constantly innovate in the development of healthier varnishes and paints. Achieving a wide range of ecological coatings for all types of surfaces outdoors and indoors that differentiate us in the market.”

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