08 / 02 / 2024

PROJECT POLISURF. Collaborating in the Development of Metallic-Look, Sustainable, and Environmentally Friendly Products

The main objective of Project POLISURF is the design and development of new polymeric products with surface properties similar to metals through the use of industrializable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly materials and technologies.

To achieve the main objective, Project POLISURF must also reach a series of specific objectives, as detailed below:

  • Application of sustainability and eco-design criteria: To minimize the environmental impact of new developments, the application of sustainability criteria from product conception to the end of its life cycle will be necessary. Starting from these concepts, Project POLISURF will apply this eco-design and sustainable design systematic to all newly designed products.
  • Development of sustainable polymeric formulations: The development of custom sustainable polymeric formulations for each application will allow obtaining suitable substrates on which to apply different surface treatment technologies to obtain new products with a high innovation component.
  • Development and application of surface treatment techniques: The contribution of specific surface properties (aesthetic, functional, and haptic) will be made through the development of environmentally friendly metallic technologies that are competitive for future industrialization processes and, moreover, allow the recovery of plastic and metal for reuse
  • Study of manufacturing technologies for new materials: These technologies will allow new design possibilities, recycling, and material hybridization. The use of conventional technologies such as the injection molding process will be combined with the exploration of more advanced techniques such as Additive Manufacturing. It will be necessary to adapt surface technologies for their application to parts obtained by Additive Manufacturing, a sector that is continuously growing and requires competitive and innovative solutions to develop new surfaces with high aesthetic, functional, and haptic properties.
  • Life cycle analysis, environmental assessment, and cost analysis: The evaluation of the environmental impacts of new polymeric products will establish the degree of improvement compared to previous products and materials, ensuring that new solutions have a lower environmental impact throughout their life cycle. The development of new solutions whose environmental efficiency is demonstrated simultaneously with their development will allow effective environmental communication. Also, the evaluation of the economic aspects of the materials and processes developed will be a key factor both in the industrial viability of the project and to demonstrate that there will be no cost transfer to the later stages of the life cycle (use, maintenance, and end of life).

To successfully achieve the proposed objectives in Project POLISURF, a Consortium of leading companies in their respective business areas has been formed to address the development with sufficient guarantees of success. It is worth noting that the participating companies in the project have the necessary means and technology to address its development with the support of the Basque network of Technological Centers.

The Consortium that will carry out the activities encompassed within the task packages of Project POLISURF is composed of the following companies: INDAUX as the project leader, DHEMEN, IK-INGENIERÍA, IRURENA GROUP, MAIER, ONDARRETA, DAISALUX, ABB NIESSEN, and HABIC as participants.


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