08 / 02 / 2023

Development of New UV Varnishes

Transparent 100% solid wood varnishes (solvent-free) for curing with ultraviolet LED lamps.

The Final Degree Project carried out by Iker Hidalgo Gallardo, a graduate from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of the Basque Country, is a significant step in the world of wood varnishes.

During his collaboration with Irurena Group, he has developed transparent 100% solid wood varnishes, without solvents, which cure through ultraviolet LED lamps.

These varnishes represent a significant innovation as they aim to replace the mercury and gallium lamps used in the wood industry, not only reducing toxicity but also opening the door to greater efficiency in the curing process.

UV LED lamp technology offers significant advantages, such as lower heat emission, portability, and lower energy consumption.

Through thorough research, supervised by Aitziber Muguerza, an R&D specialist in UV curing at the company, Iker has succeeded in formulating a product that meets the necessary requirements for a high-quality wood coating.

His work is an example of how science and chemistry can revolutionize the wood industry and anticipate future constraints.

This achievement is a testament to the potential of research and innovation in improving products and processes in the industry.

Discover Iker’s work by clicking here.

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