08 / 02 / 2024

AEGIS PROJECT. The Basque industry synchronizes to create safe and healthy public spaces

The AEGIS project aims to develop safe and healthy public spaces comprehensively through research and integration into three interrelated axes of key enabling technologies. These technologies address issues related to well-being and health inside buildings in a holistic manner, tackling all aspects that ensure health and well-being in public spaces.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to converge technologies and knowledge related to surfaces and materials, disinfection and purification systems, automatic systems, IoT, vision systems, Artificial Intelligence, energy efficiency criteria, and data management and servitization.

Thus, the AEGIS project proposes actions in three enabling technological axes that come together to create these secure spaces:

– Hygienic surfaces.

– Advanced purification and disinfection.

– Smart infrastructures.

The enabling technologies addressed in AEGIS are structured around the performance of buildings regarding the health and well-being of users. They are integrated from the manufacturing perspective for building and interior elements (HABIC cluster) and the technologies and services associated with the Knowledge and Applied Technology Industries (ICTA – GAIA cluster).

To achieve the stated objectives, AEGIS proposes a framework for collaborative industrial research, in a very balanced business consortium that synergistically and complementarily covers all the needs to be addressed and integrated.

Thus, AEGIS is led by ORONA (a leading company in interior mobility systems), with the participation of the following companies:

  • IRURENA GROUP (coatings)
  • GRUPO GÁMIZ (manufacturer of wood products)


  • AIRLAN INDUSTRIAL (air conditioning and HVAC)
  • GRUPO GOIZPER (spray disinfection systems)
  • ERREKA (automatic doors)
  • INGETEK (building technical management systems)
  • DINYCON (systems and control engineering)

From these structural axes, the AEGIS project generates synergies between different sectors associated with the Basque industry and aims to strategically position Basque companies in the training of enabling technologies. This is to achieve advanced products and services with a significant impact on the market, placing the Basque business fabric at the forefront of Europe.

Given that the objectives and strategies to be deployed in the project pivot on the RIS3 priorities and the pillars and global challenges at the European level, both from the perspective of health and well-being and the use of key enabling technologies for industry, services and society.


“Action co-financed by the Basque Government and the EU through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (ERDF).”

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