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To combat graffiti use the Polhidral TP-512 ANTIGRAFFITI

Tired of seeing Graffitis?

IRURENA offers you the solution to battle them, with POLHIDRAL TP-512 ANTIGRAFFITI. The resistance of coatings to Graffiti and the possibility of erasing Graffiti from coated surfaces is of interest to owners of buildings and other structures, knowing that Graffiti-makers continue to disfigure public and private properties. The Reseach and development department of IRURENA has developed a revolutionary aqueous product that, not only it protects urban furniture, doors, fences etc. of any Graffiti, but also it regenerates the initial appearance, being able to clean them with great facility. POLHIDRAL TP-512 ANTIGRAFFITI could be applied on a wide variety of surfaces such as Metal, Plastic, Wood, Stone, etc. Indoors as well as Outdoors. It is a two-component water-based product, which must be mixed at 25% by voulme with RETICULANTE R-403. It should be applied as a layer and has the following remarkable features.
  • Meets cleaning requirements according to ASTM D 6578 (Practice for the Determination of Graffiti Resistance).
  • Brightness available: Satin, Semi-Matt and Matt.
  • Interior and Exterior use on Metal, Plastic, Wood, Stone, Plaster, Steel, etc.
  • Endures several cleaning cycles.
  • Composition and treatment that respects the environment. Reduced VOC content (≤5%).
  • Excellent chemical resistance (solvents, acids, bases).
  • Great resistance to yellowing.
A complete treatment that will offer you peacefulness and well-being When you need to erase a Spray-Graffiti, it is recommended to clean with a solvent (acetone type), using a cloth. In the case of Marking pen Graffiti, the best cleaner is Ethyl alcohol. To acquire more information, you can request our Technical Data Sheets at any time. Do not hesitate and get the POLHIDRAL TP-512 ANTIGRAFFITI, leave your home or establishment FREE of Graffiti.   ejemplos EN