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The summer is next to us and that means that the temperatures will increase significantly. According to geographical areas, temperatures can range from 25-45ºC and this directly affects to the conditions of the wood, varnishes and paints.   The temperature must be taken into account to work properly under all circumstances.   If you are not prepared, this drastic change in temperature can bring you these problems:  
  • Difficulties in the application.
  • Lack of wettability at the support.
  • Formation of pinholes.
  • Loss of adhesion between layers.
  • Lack of stretch and smoothness in the film.
  • Formation of bubbles (micro-boiled).
  IRURENAGROUP is aware of these needs and adapts its products to deal with these situations, with products such as:  


  • For Polyurethanes: makes easier the application of based-coats and top-coats, having the control of the product application.


  • Nitrocellulose.
  • Acid catalyzed products (SH).
  • Unsaturated polyesters of redox curing (accelerator + peroxide).
  • UV.
  • UV acrylics.
  At the same time, we strongly recommend you to take into consideration some steps to keep the products ni perfect conditions.