Introducing the BIOBACTER range

IRURENA GROUP with its IKI COATINGS brand introduces to the market three new antimicrobial products:
In addition to that, IRURENA GROUP has developed its fire retardants classified as Bs2d0 by EUROCLASES standards (UNE-EN-13501-1:2002), with an antimicrobial character. That is why, IRURENA GROUP is pleased to present also:
The main characteristics of these products are (in order):
  1. A two component acrylic polyurethane topcoat that is unaffected by the light (solvent based).
  2. UV curing topcoat (solvent based).
  3. Water-based acrylic topcoat of one component which is unaffected by the light.
A range of products that stands out at the market in comparison with other products, because of our excellent antimicrobial capacity.
Proven antimicrobial capacity The antimicrobial active principles contained in different BIOBACTER formats have the authorizations and certifications from the following institutions:
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration): Agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.
  • BGVV (Bundesinstitut für Gesundheitlichen Verbraucherschutz Und Veterinärmedizin): German institute for consumer health protection and veterinary medicine.
  • IMSL (Industrial Microbiological Services LTD) certificate of England based on the UNE ISO 22196:2007.
  This three products provide a number of common properties in addition to other chemical or mechanical specifications which are explained in their respective technical data sheets.
  • They can be applied with all kind of prejection equipment (airbrusing, airmix and airless) and the BIOBACTER PUR also in curtain.
  • Excellent and attractive look, good touch and great shading consistency.
  • Good resistance to scratching.
  • Very good resistance to yellowing for BIOBACTER PUR, BIOBACTER Bs2d0 PUR, BIOBACTER WATER and for BIOBACTER Bs2d0 WATER and a proper behaviour for BIOBACTER UV and BIOBACTER Bs2d0 UV.
  • Their excellent antibacterial capacity endures over the time.
BIOBACTER PUR, BIOBACTER UV and BIOBACTER WATER products provide a high performance chemical and mechanically. Even that, they have one special characterictic which is their antimicrobial property. That is why, those products are highly recommended for the coating of furniture for babies (cribs, toys, desks, etc.), hospitals, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, doors, and other decorative elements that require effective protection againts fungi and bacteria.
BIOBACTER Bs2d0 PUR, BIOBACTER Bs2d0 UV and BIOBACTER Bs2d0 WATER offer a Bs2d0 classification according to UNE-EN-13501-1:2002 (EUROCLASES) standard. In addition to their fireproof character, they provide high chemical and mechanical performances apart from the antimicrobial property.This makes BIOBACTER Bs2d0 a range of products highly recommended for the coating of walls and ceilings (schools, hospitals, offices, auditoriums, malls and other public places) as well as other decoration elements that require effective protection againsts fire and against certain fungi and bacteria.