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Trend in colors – Spring 2018

We are already in the spring !! This season is very inspiring and that is why IRURENA GROUP shows you the colors of this spring 2018. A palette of warm, vibrant, fresh and light colors that will brighten any element or place.
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To combat graffiti use the Polhidral TP-512 ANTIGRAFFITI

Tired of seeing Graffitis? IRURENA offers you the solution to battle them, with POLHIDRAL TP-512 ANTIGRAFFITI. The resistance of coatings to Graffiti and the possibility of erasing Graffiti from coated surfaces is of interest to owners of buildings and other structures, knowing that Graffiti-makers continue to disfigure public and private properties. The Reseach and development […]
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R&D&i: CDTI EEA GRANTS – Joints-Off | Low-Cost and High-Durable Offshore Foundation

JOINTS-OFF project aims to knowledge generation and the development of new offshore structures, low-cost and high-durable. Reduction of manufacturing costs have been achieved avoiding welded joints in the structure. Tensegrity and minimal surface concepts have been applied to the design of the new jacket. High-durability have been achieved by means of modifications and reformulations on […]
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IRURENA GROUP is an active partner in the ECOBIOFOR European project

  The ECOBIOFOR project ( aims to develop novel bio-based solvents using ‘greener’ chemical and biotech transformation processes. The resulting solvents will be used in the Coatings Industry to contribute in the transition towards sustainable production and consumption patterns in Europe. The sector requires greener processes and components for such coatings, inks, adhesives, paint and […]
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Introducing the BIOBACTER range

IRURENA GROUP with its IKI COATINGS brand introduces to the market three new antimicrobial products: BIOBACTER PUR BIOBACTER UV BIOBACTER WATER In addition to that, IRURENA GROUP has developed its fire retardants classified as Bs2d0 by EUROCLASES standards (UNE-EN-13501-1:2002), with an antimicrobial character. That is why, IRURENA GROUP is pleased to present also: BIOBACTER Bs2d0 […]

New Antimicrobial wood coating

IRURENA GROUP with its IKI PARKET brand proposes you various processes of water-based and VOC free products which are totally harmless to the environment. Following this line IRURENA GROUP introduces you ELITE BIOBACTER that it is added to the IKI PARKET product range. This two-component water-based acrylic finish (10% hardener), brings features of the ELITE range with […]
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New Antimicrobial wood coating of IKI DECOR

A product for the most demanding client.   IRURENA GROUP presents the new ANTIMICROBIAL WOOD COATING. For the most demanding client who looks for the last technology and each day is more concerned about his and his family’s health. This product is the result of the innovation, investigations and efforts of a professional and specialist […]

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The summer is next to us and that means that the temperatures will increase significantly. According to geographical areas, temperatures can range from 25-45ºC and this directly affects to the conditions of the wood, varnishes and paints.   The temperature must be taken into account to work properly under all circumstances.   If you are […]

IKI PARKET’s Elite Stone with Ecolabel

The Eupean Union’s ecological certificate called “Ecolabel” – confirms that our product ELITE STONE offers environmental benefits such a lower air pollution and benefits for people to avoid the use of highly toxic substances, harmful to health. The “Ecolabel” certificate besides environmental requirements demands the compliance of aptitude requirements for its use (resistance to abrasion […]

New product: HARDENER SK

IKI PARKET launches a new hardener for 2-component products: Hardener SK. This new hardener, brings new advantages, such as:     No odour application. Provides greater stability in the degree of nuanced. A better brightness in Gloss and Semigloss can be also achieved. Mix with the base in the proportions indicated in the product (10 […]