New Antimicrobial wood coating

IRURENA GROUP with its IKI PARKET brand proposes you various processes of water-based and VOC free products which are totally harmless to the environment.

Following this line IRURENA GROUP introduces you ELITE BIOBACTER that it is added to the IKI PARKET product range. This two-component water-based acrylic finish (10% hardener), brings features of the ELITE range with the additional antimicrobial character.

 Proven antimicrobial capacity 
The antimicrobial active principles contained in the new ELITE BIOBACTER have the authorizations and certifications from the following institutions:
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration): Agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.
  • BGVV (Bundesinstitut für Gesundheitlichen Verbraucherschutz Und Veterinärmedizin): German institute for consumer health protection and veterinary medicine.
  • IMSL (Industrial Microbiological Services LTD) certificate of England based on the UNE ISO 22196:2007.
ELITE BIOBACTER aplies easily either by brush or with a short-haired roller, giving to the wood the following characteristics:Capacidad antimicrobiana
  • Antimicrobial capacity.
  • Abrasión resistance.
  • High resistance to most domestic cleaning products.
  • Excellent resistance to yellowing, scuff, scratch and heel marks.
  • Its studied slip coefficient, makes it ideal for all types of flooring and sports centers.
  • It has also a fire reaction according to Euroclases = CFL-s1.

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The most complete range of IKI PARKET

IRURENA GROUP introduces new product to its range of varnishes for wooden floors. Products of great features and incredible results at the application of materials.

These new products make the range of IKI PARKET be the best option to find a solution and take care of the wood quickly and easily.


Cleaning product for all kind of varnished wooden floors. Specially designed to remove the dirt without damaging the varnished laminate floors or parquet.
  Apply Elite Cleaner mixed with water and wipe the floor with a mop to remove the dirt.


Product that renews varnished wooden floors: Revives the Wood, restoring the shine and the appearance that has been lost over the time.
  You can apply it in wooden floors where you want to recover the lost shine because of frictions and minor damages such as scratches.
  Ready to use (no need of mixing). We recommend to apply a thin layer with a rag or a mop, without sanding the surface. Let dry afterwards so the floor can recover its renewed look.


Diluent based on demineralized water for the Elite range.
  It is used combining with Elite Stone finish and is perfect for high-traffic public spaces.
  We recommend to add a 10% of ELITE H2O in the ELITE STONE top coat when it is going to be used as 2 components.


Water product designed for marking and painting of lines in sports halls.
  Parquet of sports halls.
  Apply Sport Line with a roller over an Elite base coat. After it is dry apply an Elite range top coat.


Two-component polyurethane top coat, colorless, water-based and with antimicrobial capacity, based on acrylic resins unalterable to the light.
  Specially developed for wooden floors top coats that need a effective protection against fungi and bacteria.
  The mixture with the 10% of the “HARDENER” at the time of use results in a formation of a polymer with good chemical and mechanical properties.


Oil-based dye for wooden floors, with a excellent application leeway that allows you to apply the product in a large period of time. It offers a great performance and it has low VOC content.
  For any type of wooden floor where you would like to have a dyeing effect.
  Stir well before using it. Apply a thin layer on the floor using a rag or a polishing machine. Remove the excess with a rag. Leave 24h ventilate and dry before varnishing with a 2 components of the ELITE range (Elite Primer Professional or Elite Professional.


Odorless catalyst of ELITE range designed to give more toughness to the products of two components (Elite Primer Professional, Elite Professional, Elite Stone).
  No odour application.
  Mix with the base in the proportions indicated in the product.

IKI PARKET’s Elite Stone with Ecolabel

The Eupean Union’s ecological certificate called “Ecolabel” – confirms that our product ELITE STONE offers environmental benefits such a lower air pollution and benefits for people to avoid the use of highly toxic substances, harmful to health. The “Ecolabel” certificate besides environmental requirements demands the compliance of aptitude requirements for its use (resistance to abrasion and water).     eco   The priority of IRURENAGROUP in environmental matter is simply to reduce the impact on the environment, guiding our actions towards the minimization of air emissions and improving the quality at the application, for both professionals and small consumer. The protection and care of the environment continue being key elements both in the production process and in the life cycle of IKI PARKET’s range of products. Proof of this is the daily work of a professionals team whose efforts are dedicated to offer a wide range of water-based products which comply with the latest ecological requirements. Elite Stone is one component water-based coating, based on polyurethane resins, specially formulated for wooden floors and parquet coatings. Its excellent resistance to abrasion, scratch and heel marks and its good coefficient of slip make it ideal for the treatment of wood surfaces subject to heavy traffic.   envase_eco   Its main features are:
  • Easy application by brush and roller.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to household products.
  • Good resistance to abrasion, scratches and heel marks.
  • Resistance to yellowing.
  • Slip coefficient suitable for sports centers.
  • Without NMP.
  • Low odor during the application.
  • Allow to clean work tools with water.
  For more information please contact our Customer Service (SAC).  

New product: HARDENER SK

IKI PARKET launches a new hardener for 2-component products: Hardener SK. This new hardener, brings new advantages, such as:    
  • No odour application.
  • Provides greater stability in the degree of nuanced. A better brightness in Gloss and Semigloss can be also achieved.
  • Mix with the base in the proportions indicated in the product (10 to 1).
  • Improves application by offering greater scope of work.
  With the addition of the new Hardener SK, our previous Hardener will be discontinued once stocks are sold out. It is important that both catalysts were not used in the same process as certain physical characteristics change. For more information please contact our Customer Service (SAC).   hardener_sk_4